ERASMUS+ jobshadowing presso la scuola “IES GABRIEL Y GALÁN” Plasencia, Spagna


dal 17 Aprile 2024 al 31 Agosto 2024

Dal 20 al 24 maggio abbiamo partecipato alla mobilità di gruppo e allo jobshadowing presso la scuola “IES GABRIEL Y GALÁN” Plasencia, Spagna


Summary and Explanation of our Business Game

This video outlines a Business Game designed to provide students with a realistic experience in business management while focusing on sustainability practices.

At the beginning, students explain to the participants which are the rules of the Game. The Business Game is a dynamic simulation where we have taken on managerial roles within a fictional company. We faced challenges, make decisions, and develop strategic thinking, decision-making, and managerial skills.

Our Key Objectives were:

  • Understand corporate sustainability principles.
  • Develop decision-making and resource management skills.
  • Promote collaboration and critical thinking.

These are the team groups:



We focused on a real business scenario as we considered real forms in the territory, considering market characteristics, economic situations, available resources, and existing challenges/opportunities. The teams assessed their operations’ environmental impact, including resource usage, emissions, and sustainability aspects (economic, environmental, social). We developed a business strategy that integrates sustainable practices throughout their operations (procurement, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, waste management).

We show a video of “El Livi” as we had the opportunity to visit this industry

Technological rebirth for El Livi: greater competitiveness and transparency of products.

Three years ago, El Livi decided to make a technological leap to strengthen its competitiveness on the market. The company has invested in new machineries and innovative automatic labeling machines. These smart labelers not only speed up the labeling process, but also ensure complete product traceability. Now, each package features detailed information such as the manufacturer’s name, canning date and other useful data, offering consumers unprecedented transparency. El Livi’s commitment to technological innovation translates into greater efficiency, high quality products and open and transparent communication with its customers, to guarantee high quality products and complete traceability. The commitment to sustainability is expressed in the use of photovoltaic panels and in the respect of the context of the Valle delol Jerte, renowned for its cherry production. El Livi: a perfect combination of technology, respect for the environment and valorisation of the territory.

We fostered collaboration, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, we focus on sustainability practices equips future professionals with the knowledge and experience to integrate green solutions in our future careers, promoting sustainable practices in the business world.

We presented the business plans to a jury highlighting their sustainable choices and strategies.

  1. Evaluation and Awarding: The jury evaluates each team’s performance based on their sustainability decisions, implementation, and achieved results. The winning team demonstrates the most innovative and effective approach towards corporate sustainability.

This Business Game aligns with the values of Erasmus+ by fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills among students. Moreover, the focus on sustainability practices equips future professionals with the knowledge and experience to integrate green solutions in their future careers.

By participating in this Business Game, your group will gain valuable experience in:

  • Applying business management theories in a practical setting.
  • Making decisions with real-world considerations, including environmental impact.
  • Working collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Developing strong presentation and communication skills.

This experience demonstrates your group’s commitment to developing important skills required for success in the job market, with an added focus on promoting sustainable practices in the business world.



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